People ignore their horse’s welfare along with compelling scientific evidence when they train in Rolkur or LDR (long, deep, round). Widespread use of this “technique” is causing injury and great suffering every day by those seeking a short-cut to training. Because ignorance is the cause in most cases, we can affect change through our stated goals of education and awareness.

Water deprivation, long a common practice to keep a horse “calm” (able to be ridden) during an event must be stopped. It is insidious and unconscionable. There is no excuse for this practice and it must be exposed on a much wider level. The horses need our voice!

The sport has been taken over by commercial interests. Many judges are horse dealers, often selling horses to the very riders they are judging and the teams they are creating. How can there be impartiality in this?

Where is the compassion, sustainability and honor in these practices? We need to enlighten the general public and effect change. We need your support and your voice.

Why the urgency now? I have been listening to and watching all the internet posts, dressage panels, videos and news items for several years, all the while dismayed by the lack of progress. Since the original controversy over Rolkur, which has been around a very long time, what advances, truly, have been made? During this time I have learned of other abusive practices and now I just can not remain silent. Education is the only way forward. The horses need you. I need you. Only by combining our voices and efforts will we create change and make life better for our equine partners. They have given us so much, with unconditional love. Now is the time to show them true love and compassion.

~D. Barbier 2014


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