Video Archive

I just wanted to write and say thank you, thank you thank you!! For your online video database. Two years ago I became a groom/working student for a trainer in my state, Colorado, and a few months ago I bought a horse who was one of my charges. I had been struggling greatly to grasp the concept and aids for haunches-in, but after watching most of your YouTube videos, had much better results with shoulder in, haunches in, turn on the haunches, and general self-carriage. I also applied your groundwork videos and very quickly found a much deeper trust bond with my horse. My horse, who had an abusive past with a demanding German dressage trainer, has benefited endlessly from the soft, sustainable philosophies like your own. Someday I will come out to your barn and take a lesson in person! Thank you for who you are and what you teach. Compassion and true feel is largely absent from the dressage world as I’ve experienced it, but you have maintained and expanded the heart of this amazing art.

Johanna Bloom, Colorado